Monday, August 27, 2007

Secondary Camp (bug free zone)

How to make a White stove Black

Matt found this stove at a road side flea market. Some woman had it in her house as a
decoration. Scrubbing the white paint off to make it black once more will be a big project.

Owl Shed

This Owl Shed has is about 8'x9'.
Much of the wood came from our friend Val who is closing
down her lumber mill in Boiceville.
The Owl Shed
should be completed this week!

Base Camp

For now, this camper serves as the Base Camp of operations. It provides coffee, storage, and a table with padded seats to sit in when the down pours roll through.
The camper came with the land. It sits at the entrance to the land, and happily houses red squirrels and mice. We happily share, for now.

The Green of August

Here is the pond, the water source that runs through b-home Park. It eventually meets a swimming hole, and further down runs in to Catskill Creek which then spills out into the Hudson, passing through the center of the town of Catskill.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Friday, August 17, 2007

Stephen Hren's Cobvan home

Cobvan home.
A circular cob wall
supports an abandoned van. The van is entered from
the back and used as a sleeping loft. Underneath the
van and enclosed by the half-circle of cob is the
kitchen area, about six feet in height, with a rocket
stove (, a home-built,
superefficient cooking stove used for heating and
cooking with minimal amounts of wood. The stovepipe
extends upward thru the van and out its roof, which
has been made a living roof with a brick rubble
substrate and planted with drought-tolerant sedums,
mosses, and prairie grasses. Extending outwards from
the cobvan, hopefully facing south, is a bamboo arched
living space, held together with hemp rope (or
recycled telephone or cable wire). The majority of
this bamboo arch living space is covered with beer can
tiles, made by cutting off their tops and opening up
the cylinder so as to lie flat.