Friday, June 27, 2008

10 structure ideas

A Few b-Home Structures

1. “Lower case a frame house”: The almost spherical structure’s shape will emulated a lower case letter a, continuing the A-frame house tradition. Viewers observing the house from the other side, will encounter a lower case B for “b-Home”.

2. The “Well House”: Also called the Well, Well, Welles House, this structure will house the working hand pump that will supply b-home with potable water. The Well House’s main skeleton with be made of 3 over sized W’s. Inside the Well House will be a library focusing on three men: H.G. Wells, George Orwell, and Orson Welles.

3. The "T- house" -small house shaped like the letter T which would be used for
-Japanese tea ceremonies
-Final resting spot for your favorite old T-shirts
-Homage to the HQ of DC comics Teen Titans, which was shaped like a T
-In Aldous Huxley’s book Brave New world, a giant T building the messianic figure:Henry Ford’s Model T, and “Oh lord” in the book was exchanged with “Oh Ford”
-a tribute to other "T" buildings: El Lissitzy's, Marcos Acayaba's, and Simon Ungers and Thomas Kinslow's

4. The "Old News" House (also called the Junk Mail House). A conical styled dome structure that uses recycled bundles of newspapers, magazines, and junk mail as building material. The technique would emulate the Adobe brick style in which the exterior would be properly treated with plaster and lime to withstand the elements. This houses motto will be “old news is good news” or “read it and reap”.

5. “Tree Glove Story House” is a structure which takes discarded Christmas trees and uses the Native American Indian building structure, the Kick-a-poo Wigwam as a template. This structure would house a lost-and-found repository for gloves and a museum for all things Glove related. The outer skin of the house would be made of hundreds of gloves donated from the once largest manufacturing of gloves in the world in Upstate New York, Gloversville.

6. “The Crate House” - Various Art Crating Companies would sponsor the creation of Small Structures which would mainly use recycled art crates as their main building block. These heavy duty wooden boxes are made to transport priceless art safely around the world and then upon return ,broken up, thrown in dumpsters and sent off to the land fill. This Structure may come closest to the Le Corbusier ,modernist house.

7. Big Rock Candy Platforms - There are a few big rocks(10’x6’x8’) on a slope that lie on the b-Home grounds which will have level platforms with roofs installed on top of them.As the earth slowly moves the Boulder over the years due to frost heave, the level-ness of the platform will be closely documented.The large grape vines which at the present time grow on the rock will be trellised for extra shade and eventually used .

8.The Greene House- A working Green House which would pay tribute to the county in which b-Home is located along with giving homage and incorporating other Architects with the last name "Greene"...
-David Greene( from Archigram)
-Herb Greene
-Greene and Greene
A main feature of the Greene House will be insulated panels which consist of clear plastic ”trash”(2 liter bottles, packing and wrapping material etc.) sandwiched between 2 pieces of donated plexiglas from picture framer’s cut offs.

9. Super Th attached-Skin-Creature House - partly an ode to the recently closed Catskill Game Farm and to LUCY the Margate N.J. elephant along with incorporating other "Roadside Animal Architecture" which lies along the Dusty roads of the American highways. These Zoomorphic architectural styles have long been influencing such contemporary architects such as Zaha Hadid, Frank Gehry, and Grimshaw

10. The Knot house(also called the Bonsai Mausoleum) Another Discarded building block are the knots and abnormalities from the locally milled trees. With these donated hunks of wood a small structure will be built that would house a collection of fail Bonsai tree’s.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

(Still #2) East Coast Unit

Allison Wiese

(Still #2) East Coast Unit
Shed, hot water heater, plumbing fixtures, hoses

Tornado damage

The Chainsaw

Friday, June 6, 2008

Digging for the cordwood sauna has started