Monday, May 3, 2010

Outdoor kitchen under way

a trench, a pile of rocks, and a new roof for the cob oven(in collaboration with Laura Nancy Anderson)

Rebekah Hren's stream/rock/waterfall design

A fine place to take a dip, now with transplanted cattails and MN wildrice.  See more about Rebekah here.

The OvenHouse with Rocket Stove

Stephen Hren returned to snake the pipe through the soon to be warmest spot at b-home

Pruitt-Igoe...what's there now, weeds, trees and...

The Pruitt-Igoe housing project was one of the first demolitions of modernist architecture and its destruction was claimed by postmodern architectural historian Charles Jencks to mark "the day Modern architecture died."

The lone half-free morel of the spring

It popped up right in front of the cabin once Stephen and Rebekah departed, shriveled and disappeared just as quick

The Ford: the last Dymaxion

Henry Ford: a great collector(weed sandwiches anyone?)