Wednesday, July 16, 2014

New Stuff at b-home Summer 2014

Covered Tee Pee

Bottle House in progress(with milk crates etc)
Entrance Arch to Bottle house
Errr House

Stick World(With Kal Walls and Barn Doors)
Mud House (Next to little stream excavation)
mud house interior detail

Big Boot House with out skin (with Rachael Lowther's Orange wolf)
Max and Miles Goldfarb's Tower of LP Power(in progress)

Max and Miles Goldfarb's Tower(Back side/in progress)
Maple production site
Sugar shack Back side

Slab Shed with dead tree
Lisa Marie Ludwig's Cicada/Earth Bag Bunker Green House
Err House- Back Side

Chair/Stump House

Stephen Hren's Stone/Tree Implants year 4

Stephen Hren has been embedding stones in trees so that they may slowly grow around them in time.