Thursday, October 21, 2010

Simple Rocket Stove Design

This Rocket Stove design used  a 4 x 4 ft sheet of Metal bent into the 1ft x 1ft x 4 foot shaft filled with beer cans and Cob for insulation and attached to the bottom for the stick feed a 6 inch stove elbow
...notice the lower pot on the warmer. 

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Skiles Test China Museum

Some shot's from the Test Fest, where participants were to build structures only out of materials found in the Skiles Test Nature Park in Indianapolis Indiana

Cheryl Odore demonstrating the Museum Guard Post/ tree Hammock

Some details of unearthed china once belonging to Indianapolis Millionaire Skiles Test. Note the name change of the restaurant from White Cafeteria to just " Whites"

The existing corn crib foundation and the mighty Jimson Weed, a plant that I remember ,many folks in high school messing around with and going "loco". What is the yellow flower?

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cribbage oath taken and notarized

Here's the official doc, and oath taken on 14th street at Carrie Dashow's Yesiree Public Notary Project

for thiis one , she had us role 2 die to determine which of the 12 oaths we would have to doctor up to make our own. I roled a 9 and got the Olympic Oath

Finally- Architectural Cribbage Rules in 5 easy steps!

Adventure courtyard at Alfred University visit

I was invited out to Alfred University in Western NY to give a talk and add something to a project Jonas Linberg(creator of the barbed wire teddy bear at b-home)is doing with his liberal arts class...
I thought, with all these skate ramps and rocking/swinging armadillo house structures, maybe a massage table would be helpful.
Here below you see Jenny Hillenbrand-(aka:Vesna) putting the table to good use for fellow mohawkians: Laura Zelda Smith and Scott Kreider

Here's an in progress overhead shot

Further reading:Finite and Infinite Games:a vision of Life and Play and Possibility by James P Carse
An Architecture of Play: A Survey of London's Adventure Playgrounds by Nils Norman

"the opposite of consumption is not thrift, It's generosity"- Raj Patel