Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Skiles Test China Museum

Some shot's from the Test Fest, where participants were to build structures only out of materials found in the Skiles Test Nature Park in Indianapolis Indiana

Cheryl Odore demonstrating the Museum Guard Post/ tree Hammock

Some details of unearthed china once belonging to Indianapolis Millionaire Skiles Test. Note the name change of the restaurant from White Cafeteria to just " Whites"

The existing corn crib foundation and the mighty Jimson Weed, a plant that I remember ,many folks in high school messing around with and going "loco". What is the yellow flower?


K. Gill said...

It was very nice getting to meet you. Your piece was great :) I thought you might enjoy my Moleskine sketch of you sitting inside the China Museum:

Pamela said...

Today we walked the park to see how the sculptures were fairing. So sad to see most of your china pieces were gone. Also missing was the "dream catcher" from Justin Lane's piece.
The woven wood structures were holding strong and beautiful.

matt said...

Hey Pamela,
Glad to were able to visit it in all its glory.
I have a piece stuck in My cob wall in my upstate new york abode...

that's the way of a high security museum


BCKRVUE said...

The yellow flower, its common names (Velvetleaf). Some of the other common names for this species include Butterprint, Indian Mallow (a reference to its family and country of origin), Buttonweed (a reference to the shape of the fruit), Pie-marker (likely another reference to the fruit shape), and China Jute (a reference to its use as a fiber). Abutilon theophrasti is a weed in North America, found in every state except Alaska and Hawaii, as well as in the southern tier of Canadian provinces.