Saturday, October 9, 2010

Adventure courtyard at Alfred University visit

I was invited out to Alfred University in Western NY to give a talk and add something to a project Jonas Linberg(creator of the barbed wire teddy bear at b-home)is doing with his liberal arts class...
I thought, with all these skate ramps and rocking/swinging armadillo house structures, maybe a massage table would be helpful.
Here below you see Jenny Hillenbrand-(aka:Vesna) putting the table to good use for fellow mohawkians: Laura Zelda Smith and Scott Kreider

Here's an in progress overhead shot

Further reading:Finite and Infinite Games:a vision of Life and Play and Possibility by James P Carse
An Architecture of Play: A Survey of London's Adventure Playgrounds by Nils Norman

"the opposite of consumption is not thrift, It's generosity"- Raj Patel

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