Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bojo's Distressed Barn

This Barn is constructed with a structurally sound, intentionally caved in roof.
The interior on the other hand is shiny, metallic and technologically advanced.
Think- Fall Guy's house in the woods.

Andy Nye's Inside Out-House

The Inside Out House. The outside walls the inside wall turned outward so that, for example, the stove and kitchen sink are on the outside and above the kitchen sink is a window looking into the inside/center of the house. You could put a bed on the outside of one wall, a dinning room on one wall, etc.... The inside/center would be an outhouse. You could maybe have two toilets for couples who want to shit together. The entrance to the center/inside/toilets would be through the wardrobe of the bedroom. past the coats.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Society for a subliminal state's upside down lighthouse HQ

The Society for a Subliminal State is an organization started by Carrie Dashow and Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg. The Society for a Subliminal State agitates against the exclusive use of empirical evidence in the search for truth. It is an organization that believes there many different types of digging that may be productively undertaken.
The Society for a Subliminal State mirrors the form of a traditional historical society, contributing to the public discourse through a newsletter, a variety of public projects, a membership program, and this website. The Society believes that if you see it three times then it too may be the path to truth.