Sunday, September 30, 2007

Lisa Marie Ludwig's Lazy Susan Cottage

The Lazy Susan Cottage
Designed by Lisa Marie Ludwig

Building a dream home, for most is building with a view. Waking up in your bed to a spectacular horizon, cooking directly onto an outdoor dinning area, or having a vast perspective from a child's playroom, are just a few of the fantasies for a home with a view. How can one accomplish all of this? Made with lightweight materials, such as recycled bamboo flooring, the Lazy Susan Cottage is designed to move any room you like to face any direction you desire. With little effort the Lazy susan Cottage rotates for a view in every room.

A stationary deck adds to each room, allowing the indoors-out, and a stationary "anything" room with bathroom, gives all the rooms in the cottage that needed addition. When rotated the "anything" room connects to the kitchen, creating extra space for preparing preserves, or a continuation into an indoor dinning room. Also when rotated, the bedroom becomes a Master Suite, great for cold winter nights, giving way to a bedroom snug as a bug. The "anything" room has an attractable ceiling which when open creates a natural skylight.

With solar powered lights, cellphones, and laptop, the Lazy Susan Cottage can be a great retreat for work or business. The upstairs playroom can be used for sleeping additional guest, or be used for storing ski gear or seasonal items. A rain barrel supplies water to indoor sinks and indoor/outdoor showers. The compost toilet requires a small amount of maintenance, but adds to the beauty of your surroundings. A wood burning stove heats the house while creating an exceptional cooking stove for all your favorite meals.

The Lazy Susan Cottage total surface area is as little as 12 feet by 12 feet , and can easily be constructed almost anywhere. A home with a point of view. A home basically maintenance free. A home requiring no electricity, plumbing, or gas. A home you can feel good about.

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