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the top of b-Home is the peak of Vedder Mounain
Vedder Mountain Name History

Lineage: Annatie3, Johannes2, Harmanus Albertse1
VEDDER, c.1635-aft.1742
Related Families: Van Der Fort | Becker
Migration: Holland>N. Neth.>Albany, NY>Schenectady Co., NY

(1) Harmanus Albertse Vedder, born about 1635 in Holland, died about 1715 in Schenectady, New York; married twice but names are unknown. He emigrated to New Netherlands before 1657.
Harmen was one of the original settlers of Beverwyck, which later became Albany, New York. It is known that he lived there in 1657, and probably before that, because historical records indicate that in 1657 he sold his house and lot for 2,325 guilders to Rutger Jacobsen that year and returned to the Netherlands. He was at Coney Island in 1661 where he had a salt kettle. In 1663 he leased his farm at Schenectady to Symon Groot. In 1667 he was again living in Albany. Harmanus was named as a brother-in-law by Johannes Provoost on 9 April 1668 when he made over 830 guilders to Harmanus who was returning to Holland. Harmanus made the trip with other New York merchants to buy food.
Schenectady, New York was founded by a group of fifteen colonists from Beverwyck in 1662. In 1672 Harmanus bought a farm there and the next year he was one of the magistrates and appointed Schout. In The History of the First Dutch Reformed Church of Schenectady: 1680-1880, by Jonathan Pearson, the founders of Schenectady are listed as being:
Arent Van Curler
Philip Hendricks Brouwer
Marten Cornelise Van Esselstyn
Catalyntje De Vas (or De Vos), widow of Arent Andriese Bratt
Pieter Danielse Van Olinda
Jacques Cornelise Van Slyck
Symon Volkers Veeder
Sander Leendertse Gleen
Harmen Albertse Vedder
Teunis Cornelise Swart
William Teller
Pieter Jacobse Borsboone
Jan Barentse Wemp
Gerrit Bancker
Pieter Adriaense, alias Soegemakelyk
Many of the early Dutch owned slaves. Thomas Burke in his book Mohawk Frontier: The Dutch Community of Schenectady, NY 1661-1710 gives a list of slaveholders and numbers of slaves owned in 1690 and 1697; Harmanus Vedder is listed as owning one slave in 1697.
Children by first wife:
1 child, died 6 Dec 1662 in Albany, New York
2 child, died 22 April 1665 Albany, New York
3 Albert, born 10 May 1671, died 1 August 1753; married 17 November or December 1669 in Schenectady, New York, Maria Glen. He was taken prisoner during the massacre at Schenectady in 1690.
4 Harmanus, born about 1672, died before 13 August 1785; married first 10 December 1691 Albany, New York, Grietje Van Slyck Bratt; married second in Schenectady, New York, Ariantje Van der Volgen De Graff
Children by first or second wife:
1 Arent, born about 1674, died between 1746 and 1755 in Schenectady, New York; married Sara Groot
Children by second wife:
1 Angenietje, born about 1684, died April 1756; married 24 November 1700 in Schenectady, New York, Jan Van Antwerpen
2 Johannes, mentioned below
3 Corset, born about 1686, died between 1745 and 1748; married first on 3 March 1709 in Albany, New York, Margarita Berrit; married second on 11 March 1711 in Albany, New York, Neeltie Christianns

(2) Johannes Vedder/Veeder, born about 1685, died after 1749; married 8 July 1705 in Schenectady, New York, Maria Van Der Fort. He was one of those taken prisoner, along with his brother Albert, during the 9 February 1690 raid and massacre at Schenectady by Frenchmen, Sault, and Algonquin Indians from Montreal. A poem was written by one of the witnesses to the event.

1 Annatie, baptized 21 June 1713 at Albany Reformed Church; married on 24 November 1739 at Schoharie Reformed Church, Pieter Becker, born in Rensselaerswyck (near Albany), New York, baptized 26 September 1708 in Albany Reformed Church, widower of Sara Slingerland.


carrie dashow said...

So who then is jesse van v.. vedder. and how is this mountain, is it the colonized son of beverwyck, illigitimised during the schenectady massacre?
Or an inbetween resting spot btwn NYC and Albany?
a place to store the naturalist?

matt said...

Well Miss Darrie Cashow,
Miss Vedder was NY State's first Female Historian... And It's not really a mountain... and while we're at it neither is anything in the Catskill Park. Technically a mountain must break the tree Line....
Oh and b-home has not the Peak of Vedder "mountain" but the Sub Peak.
I Like Sub Peaks! I suggest on your next visit to Coxsackie that you pay a visit to the Vedder memorial Library! Happy Travels ma Lady...............